How It Works

Experience ultimate convenience with our all-in-one insurance tracker. Say goodbye to scattered policies and hello to a streamlined, unified view of all your insuarance coverages, all in one easy-to-use application


Add all your insuarance policies

Consolidate your coverage universe, bringing every policy under one digital roof.


Process through our AI based engine

Let cutting-edge AI algorithms simplify and optimize your insurance management.


Track your insurance at one place

Monitor and manage all your insurances effortlessly, from a singular, intuitive platform.

About Us

Uncomplicate Your Insurance Journey

Dive into the future of insurance management with Trackee. Our digital platform is meticulously crafted to simplify, streamline, and secure all your insurance needs.

Experience a seamless blend of technology and convenience as you navigate the intricate world of insurance.

  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Advanced Comparison Tools
  • Intelligent Recommendations
  • Automated Updates
  • Enhanced Security
  • Collaborative Features
Our Vision

Maximize Your Insurance ROI

With Trackee, not only do you manage your policies, but you also maximize the value you derive from them.

Our platform ensures you're always ahead of the curve, capitalizing on the best offerings and optimizing your insurance investments.

  • Automated Price Checks
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • Mobile Applications
  • Premium Features
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Community Collaboration


Discover a suite of powerful features tailored to revolutionize your insurance management experience.

Centralized Dashboard

Seamlessly manage all your diverse policies within a single, comprehensive, user-friendly interface.

Smart Comparison Tools

Compare policies side-by-side, confidently evaluating coverage, price, and benefits effortlessly.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Receive tailored policy suggestions, aligning perfectly with your unique preferences.

Real-time Policy Updates

Stay in sync with timely automated updates from integrated external insurance systems.

Enhanced Security Protocols

Safeguard your data with Multi-Factor Authentication and advanced encryption measures.

Mobile Accessibility

Effortlessly manage your insurance on-the-go using our user-friendly, responsive mobile applications.

And many more

Contact Us

Reach out and connect with us! Whether you have queries, feedback, or simply want to chat about insurance management, we're here to listen and assist. Let's build a seamless insurance journey together.